The unique Lace-jewellery are crochet work made from recycled thin sterling silver wire. They are overlaid with thick layers of fine silver to give the jewellery strength and luxury.

  1. pitsi-riipus-suuri

    Lace Plane Pendant, large

  2. Pitsi-kärrynpyöräriipus

    Lace Cartwheel Pendant

  3. Pitsi-korvakorut

    Lace Plain Earrings

  4. Pitsi -sormus

    Lace Plane Ring

  5. Pitsi Plane -rintaneula

    Lace Plane Brooch

  6. Pitsi-riipus

    Lace Plane Pendant, small

  7. Pitsi-korvakorut-kulta

    Lace Plane Earrings, gold